German Christmas Traditions before Christmas

Adventskalender, Nikolaus, Christkind/Santa Claus, Christmas Tree, Wichteln and much more....

Tradition before Christmas

Here are some insights what Germans do before Christmas - except for drinking Glühwein or Punch at the Christmas markets...
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Beautiful hair

First of all for us women....
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Now it is time to buy or make an Adventskalender for your children or your spouse. This is the count-down to Christmas and the first doors are openend on the 1st of December.
learn more about what it means and where to buy

Advents Wreath

Christian Tradition on the four Sundays before Christmas.
more about the Adventskranz and where to buy


Are you ready for Nikolaus? He comes during the night of the 5th to the 6th of December and brings some little presents to the children.
learn more about the Nikolaus  

Tea time and the Advent Sundays

Germans love to bake Plätzchen (Christmas cookies) , „Lebkuchen“ (soft ginger bread) and „Stollen“ for Christmas. The latter is a bread-like cake usually made with some combination of dried fruits, candied citrus rinds, nuts and sometimes marzipan rolled in butter after baking and coated with powdered sugar, riped for a while so it gets really tasty. Germans eat it as it is or with butter or with butter and jam.
Time to bake Plätzchen - history, link to recipes and more


Traditionally Germans have an advents wreath starting with the first Advent sunday. This is when they also start to decorate their home with evergreen branches, fairy lights, stars, a nativity scene (called a Krippe) and other wooden decorations, candles and alike.
Here is a list of shops where to buy decoration

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is purchased around the middle of December.
Where to buy a Christmas tree in Stuttgart

Christmas markets

Starting around the end of November
Christmas markets in Stuttgart region
Stuttgarter Christmasmarket


Throughout the Advent period a lot of churches host carol concerts or host the famous „Weihnachtsoratorium by Sebastian Bach“. 

Christmas Wishes and Letters to Santa Claus

Children have the possibility to write their wishes and send their list of wishes to the „Christkind“, the „Weihnachtsmann“ and the „Nikolaus“ in Germany.
The Christkind has three addresses at the Weihnachtspostämtern (Christmas post offices) in Engelskirchen, Himmelpfort and Himmelstadt.
The Nikolaus has two, one in Nikolausdorf and one in St. Nikolaus.
The Weihnachtsmann has two - Himmelsthür and Himmelpfort
A lot of children write to these figures each year and, as long as their letter arrives by December 14th, they are sure to get a reply before Christmas Eve from all the voluntary helpers.


At work places amongst colleagues, school parties and friends  secret presents are often exchanged (secret santa).
You draw the person you are supposed to buy a present for. Usually there is a maximum amount of money agreed upon. On the secret santa day/party the designated person will get your present without knowing from whom this is. To add some spice you can add a little quirk by making up rules to hunt the presents of others in exchange by for your own. So why not try this out this year?

November 2019 Kira Neumann
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Christmas Cookies
Christmas Gardens in Stuttgart
Stuttgarter Christmasmarket
German Advents Wreath
German Christmas Tree

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