Playground at a Waldheim

Waldheime & beer gardens with playgrounds and more

enjoy your drink and food surrounded by nature

A Waldheim is similar to a beer garden usually situated in or close to a forest and a place to enjoy with or without your children.
You can go by car, by public transport or bike.

Usually a Waldheim has a small restaurant or a Kiosk so you can enjoy your coffee, cake and ice cream and even lunch/dinner usually outside – some of them also have some tables inside. The food they serve is mostly Swabian.
Kids can roam around freely and explore the playground, play soccer and more.

The entrance is for free, therefore please support them by purchasing your food and drinks.
Their opening times depend on the weather and season. Usually they are open until dusk.
To be on the safe side, check their websites. (Öffnungszeiten – opening times and geschlossen / Ferien = closed / holidays)

You can also rent their facilities for birthday parties, family gatherings or just a grill party.

Here a list of Waldheime:

Waldheim Heslach:
Waldheim Degerloch:
Waldheim Möhringen:
Waldheim Sillenbuch:
Waldheim Degerloch:
Waldheim Wangen:
Waldheim Waldau (Degerloch):

Not a Waldheim but a similar place to go with a Biergarten, restaurant, Kiosk and playground:

Bärenschlössle (Lakes, dears and more) – Website in English!
Katzenbacher Hof (highly recommended):
Eselsmühle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen:
Stadtstrand Stuttgart (beach and more):
Mäulesmühle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen:
Schwabengarten in Leinfelden:

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June 2019
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