German National Holidays

be aware....there is no shopping on a German National Holiday.

Basically this day is like a Sunday in Germany - the only open shops are bakeries (usually a sign outside indicates the open times on a public holiday), gas stations, the Airport or big main train stations. Usually the days before are a little crazy, as everybody runs around to get the shopping done....

Here you can find a list of them to be prepared:

1 st of January

New Years Day


March / April

Good Friday


March / April

Easter Monday


1st of May

Day of Work

Tag der Arbeit


Ascension Day


May / June

Pentecost Monday


3rd of October

Day of Germany Unity

Tag der deuschen Einheit

25th of December


1. Weihnachtsfeiertag

26th of December


2. Weihnachtsfeiertag


There are the additonal public holidays in Baden Würrtemberg - they might not be in other German Bundesländer.

6th of January


Heilige drei Könige


Corpus Christi


1st of November

All Saint’s Day



Please check the following link for an overview of public holidays, school holidays (German Schools only) and additional days off in Stuttgart.

The international school of Stuttgart (ISS) runs a different vacation schedule, which can be found here:

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