Food delivery to your doorstep - organic, fresh and local

Anything organic you need from fruits, vegetables to baby food and washing powder and no need to carry it yourself.

If you are into organic, fresh and local fruit and vegetable (and other organic products) and love a delivery to your doorstep occasionally, once a week, bi-weekly etc., then an organic vegetable & fruit box service could be the answer. Another bonus – less packaging = less waste. Online shopping at its best.

PLUS a special discount on your first order for friends of “KIRAMIGA” – read more!

I, myself, am using Laiseacker for years now, but there are of course other providers in the market.

I am having the local preselected weekly fruit & vegetable box (Kombikiste), but there are also just fruit (Obstkiste) or just vegetable (Gemüsekiste) boxes. Each box costs 21 Euros in the subscription (delivery is free if your order exceeds 18 Euros) and its contents can be checked beforehand online and can be changed until 9 a.m. the day before delivery (exception: if your delivery is Mondays up to 8 a.m. on Monday morning). Very convenient is the e-mail reminder each week.
I like my box preselected by Laiseacker, as it gives me ideas on cooking differently and using ingredients I would not normally have on my regular shopping list. Recipes can be found on their website. If you do not like what is on offer or want add thingsthat you need that particular week it can be easily done in their online shop via your login. You can also exclude certain foods from the box, if you do not like them and never want them in your box.  Plus you can add products that you want delivered regularly weekly like carrots and apples in my case or  bi-weekly e.g. eggs.

For more individuality you can chose your box each time you order or have your own box with items you want as per your subscription.

But this concerns not only fruit and vegetable – from their online-shop you can buy anything organic from milk, eggs up to toothpaste, detergents, cosmetics and baby food.

If you have a subscription (weekly, bi-weekly etc.) you can cancel it easily if you go away or are stocked up  (until 9 a.m. the day before your delivery) and if you are on holiday you can put it on hold by entering the holiday period in your profile.

Now the possible downside – or rather chance – you need to learn some basic German – at least maybe the fruit & vegetable terms. Their online shop is in German only but features pictures of every item they sell. Please have a look at the pictures of this post.  So you should easily navigate this by looking at the pictures and using a translation app.

And of course the team at Laiseacker is informed and will help you   - for example to set up the service, determine the delivery day in your area and explain how to use the website.

Please contact: 07042 – 81873 or write to

It is a very flexible & convenient way to do your (organic) shopping – just a few clicks away.

And now the best – we @KIRAMIGA managed to get you a little special on your first order!

Get a one-time-discount of 5 Euros for your first order of your choice (make sure to exceed 18 Euro to save delivery costs) by entering the code “kiramiga” when you order online or on the phone. This cannot be combined with the "Schnupperkiste", which  is a pre-selected box from Laiseacker.

And if you want to got on a trip and have a look for yourself – they have their own Hofladen (shop) open Tuesdays and Fridays from 9-19 p.m.
Mühlweg 1, 71735 Nussdorf


„This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“
pictures courtesy of Laiseacker.

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