Eastereggs - self made

DIY - Ostereier - Easter eggs

a guide on how to make them yourselves

You can take boiled eggs or plastic eggs (a lot less mess with little children :-) or blow out real eggs. Make sure to wash teh eggs before you blow. Then prick a hole in the top & the bottom and blow until the egg comes out - make a plan what to do with all the eggs :-)  Then you can clean the egg with water and vinegar to make the colors brighter. Naturally white eggs color easier than brown eggs.
Lots of tutorials on how to blow out eggs can be found on You Tube...

Special food coloring are available in all supermarkets and drugstores, called “Ostereierfarben”. Some are used with cold (kalt), some with warm water. Alternatively you can also just color eggs with water or acrylic colors and a paint brush. Please see examples  in the photo galleria of this blog post.


April 2020 by Kira Neumann
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