Delivery Services - food, groceries & more

Order your food & more online to your doorstep or click & collect in Stuttgart.

There are many reasons why shopping can be difficult

  • Do you have a high-risk pregnancy?
  • Are you a new mum and the baby cries?
  • Do you have three children and only two hands?
  • Is there the job, the children, a husband, the household and no time in between?
  • Are you ill and nobody can go shopping?
  • Or are you in Corona Quarantine?

Online Food shopping in stuttgart

There are just as many possibilities to do your shopping online in Stuttgart!
You can even support the local shops, because many offer regional delivery services.

Here comes a - far from complete - table of possibilities:

Grocery Delivery Service  (including fresh produce)


Minimum order value: 50€, maximum 7 beverage crates
Delivery costs: for the first order free afterwards, depending on the size and delivery, between 0 and 6 euros
Payment: Visa, Master Card, direct debit, PayPal after receipt of the goods

YouTube Tutorial

Delivery: day definable + time (accurate to 2 h) Deliveries between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., refrigerated
Not Sundays and public holidays

Also possible at REWE is Click and Collect - order via Internet and pick up at the store

Pick up: the same day, service fee: 2€
Extra cash desk and partly extra parking space


regional food / minimum order value: 20€
Delivery costs: 9,90 € for 2 hours delivery time, 6,90 € for 3 hours delivery time, 4,90 € from 4 hours delivery time no matter how big the delivery is
Payment: Direct debit and invoice after receipt of the goods
Delivery: day definable + time Deliveries from 2 p.m. onwards, refrigerated
Next day delivery, not Sundays and holidays


Organic and regional food / minimum order value: 25€
Delivery costs: 7,90 € for 2 hours delivery time span, 5,90 € for 3 hours delivery time span, 3,90 € from 4 hours delivery time span, no matter how big the delivery is
Delivery: in paper bags (personally present) or 5,- € deposit for a mesh box with lid, 20,- € deposit for a cooling set consisting of a cooling box, insulating lid and two cooling batteries, return with the next order
Payment: invoice or direct debit after receipt of the goods
Delivery: day definable + time (to the nearest 2 hours) Deliveries from 2 p.m.-10.p.m., refrigerated
Next day delivery, not Sundays and holidays


Full product range
Delivery date: self selectable
Shipping costs: 4,99€ , for chilled or frozen items 5,90€ freshness guarantee will be charged
No minimum order value 

RITTER ZU BUCHSBAUM (organic delivery service)

LAISEACKER (organic delivery service)

FRITZ-BW (organic delivery service)

ETEPETETE (organic delivery service)

BOFROST (frozen food delivery service)

Online ordering and shipping (no fresh products)


Packaged goods, no fresh goods
Delivery time: 2-5 working days,
Shipping costs: from 3,95€ free delivery from 75€ - Minimum order value: none
Payment: credit card, Pay Pal, invoice or direct debit

Regional shops & suppliers (smaller shops)

Lots of local beverage and fruit shops & even butchers deliver. You can either write an email or order via phone. It is worth asking your local shops first if they do so and on top you support the local economy plus you get to know the people in your neighborhood which makes living & shopping also a lot more pleasurable.

Here just a few examples:

Beverages e.g. Getränke Kastner Vaihingen in Degerloch

Fruit e.g. Ferrats Bazar Vaihingen (from 20€)

Restaurant delivery services

There is one general website /APP you can use.
On top you can ask your local restaurants if they deliver or take take-out orders for you to collect (most of them do!)
Also there is always a local Pizza Delivery Service. Often you get their leaflets in the post.




DM offers online order & shipping as well as click & collect in your local DM – after 6 hours. If you register with them, you will have free shipping and order from a certain amount.  


Online shopping and home delivery (from 69 Euro free)
Click and collect at your local Rossmann (from 20 Euro free)


Online order or Click & Collect (for free) at your local Müller Store. Returns can also be done at the store.
Also great for toys & make-up and more.


July 2020 by Christine Krämer & Kira Neumann
This blog post is a personal recommendation and based on personal experience. It has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“

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