a very personal and private introduction to your life her in Germany.

Quick'n Easy - also Online

Timeframe - 3 hours

Looking for a quick introduction into the German daily life?

Got a few questions? Want to understand the essentials? We can help with this special course format.

In a place of your choice or online, we will meet you (& your friends)  and give you a general overview with our general information package.
Plus we will answer you any questions you may have relating to your new life and new environment. 

Custom Made for you   - Individual Support (also online)

(Minimum booking 1 hour)

Looking for the all-round carefree package soon after your arrival in your new home town? Just have a few questions or need individual support?

We will meet you in person or online and assist with any questions you may have relating to your new life and new environment. We can also go out and explore to get to know specifics.

This could involve more general questions regarding shopping/household/products but also more personal requirements such as doctors appointments, civil service, kindergarten / school meetings, pregnancy, emotional problems (also help to find an expert) and much more.

Or do you need a friend to accompany you to feel safe?
We are here for you in any situation you might need a little reassurance.

You can also book this together with a group of your friends.