Survival German (groups & individuals)

Need the essentials to manage daily life in Germany?

We teamed up with Language Service Dr. Lukes and offer Survival German courses especially tailored for our clients.
This Survival German course will teach you what you need to know to get around.
You can take this in a group or one-on-one.

Areas covered are
  • basic shopping phrases
  • small talk
  • doctor’s appointments
  • restaurants
  • outings & more.
The qualified trainers will put everything in a clear cultural context to make sure you can manage your new life here in Germany with confidence.

Our course is suitable for beginners without pre-existing knowledge of German.
The small groups provide a safe and comfortable learning environment with lots of practice that you can apply right away.

Courses offered:

in person: 25 teaching units (one unit = 45 minutes)
online: a 5 week course with 2 classes à 60 minutes per week

But of course we are also open for a different kind of class or individual requests - depending on your needs.

Please check our calendar for running courses or contact us for more information on courses.