Perfectly welcome - this is how your Expats should ideally feel moving to Stuttgart / Germany.

Then again a recent study from Internations shows that Germany ranks 66 out of 68  countries in the Ease of Settling in Index amongst other parameters like friendliness (62), feeling at home (62), personal happiness (59) and finding friends (63).
This is what KIRAMIGA wants to change.

Challenge for the relocating family

Usually after relocation, in-coming families / spouses are expected to integrate into the local community by themselves, while the husband, spouse and worker has to start achieving within the company in order for it to benefit from the transfer. This can be overwhelming for the incoming family.

OUr services

To enable your employee to be fully engaged at work and not being distracted by basic home affairs during their transition, we will take care of the family/spouse and help them to integrate properly into the German way of life by giving them practical and hands-on experience and explanations.

Having experienced life  abroad for several years, we know first hand how difficult it can be setting up a new life in a different culture -– starting with basic things like shopping, trips to the doctor and medication, up to managing kindergarten and school affairs - especially if you don’t speak the language. From our experience the women are overwhelmed by too much information, when they arrive. There are a lot of basic things to be organized, usually by the relocation agent.

Our approach, beyond relocation, is to offer practical support, when the women are open and ready for further information. Usually the real questions come up after having lived here for a little while, as at the beginning it is just ‚survival’.

Benefits for your company

Offering the services of a company like Kiramiga to your international associates could positively influence their decision to move abroad for the company. Further, the Impat can deliver his or her full potential from day one, knowing somebody is there to take care of the family. At the same time the workload of your HR department can be reduced so your HR associates can concentrate on other important tasks. 

You need a successful relocation and we want to help you to make it happen.

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