Kristin Fuchs

American Welcome Angel

Maybe you’re feeling apprehensive before your move. You might be thinking to yourself:

“How am I am going to manage? I don’t even speak the language.”

“My life here is good. I will miss my friends and family so much.”

“I have never even wanted to live in Germany.”

 At least these were just some of the thoughts running through my head when at age 22 I decided to move from California to Germany to be with my German boyfriend.  Almost 20 years later, the boyfriend has become a husband, and the two accompanying children make it hard to believe that I was once so spontaneous and audacious.

But I remember daily how much I learned in those first few years in Germany. Living in a foreign country will teach you many hard lessons, but also give you a lot of joyous experiences. I would be happy to use my 20 years of living in Germany to help you work through any difficult issues, leaving you more time to enjoy the more rewarding parts of your expat adventure.

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Kristin Fuchs

American Welcome Angel


Want to be part of our TEAM?

Are you open-minded and available to help new incoming families?
Do you speak a language OTHER than German?

Have you lived in Stuttgart / Germany for a while and know your way around?
Have you got experience abroad or lived abroad yourself or do you have international roots?
If you are interested in joining our team or want to know more about us, then please contact us.

Want to help but are living in another city? Open for a franchise?
We are very happy to support you in setting up a Kiramiga branch in your home town to help even more incoming families to feel perfectly welcome.

We are very much looking forward to hear from you.